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10 Incredible He alth Benefits of Having Lemon Water in Morning
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10 Incredible Health Benefits of Having Lemon Water in Morning

A positive start of the day can change the way we think and work throughout the day.

All of us try to start off our day by doing something good, be it a ritual or a good half hour workout.

But drinking lemon water first thing in the morning can detox our body and give us a positive start for the entire day.

For generations, lemon water has been used for minor illnesses like cold to somewhat serious ones like joint pain.

It’s the number 1 most commonly suggested health drink

But how beneficial is lemon water in reality? Let’s find out some of the benefits of Lemon water:

 Health Benefits of Lemon water Infographic

1. Rehydration

Did you know that our body dehydrates even during your sleep?

And if you’re breathing from mouth while sleeping, you’re at a even higher risk of dehydration.

Our body tends to lose up to 42% more water when we breath from mouth during sleep, like what happens in insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea.

There’s the reason why “drink water first thing in the morning” the most common health tip you might have heard.

We’re 70% water, literally. Every single cell of your body needs water for proper functioning, including your brain cells.

According to a study, around 70% of Americans are dehydrated.

Dehydration makes us feel fatigued, can be a cause of headache, bad mood and improper brain function. So, that’s not good news!

Most of us don’t even think about hydrating ourselves unless we are thirsty. But the thing is, we should not wait to get thirsty in order to drink water.

Thirst is a sign that you have already gone into dehydration.

So, the smart thing to do is to make a conscious decision to drink lemon water first thing in the morning. It can compensate your water loss during sleep and also aide your digestion.

Your body will love you for making this smart decision!

2. Good Source Of Electrolytes You Need Everyday With Minimum Calories

Here’s a list of all the ingredients that a glass of lemon water can provide you:

Content Amount
Potassium 303mg
Vitamin C 112 mg
Magnesium 15mg
Fiber 1gm
Vitamin E 0.4mg
Copper 0.1mg
Folate 32 micrograms
Thiamine 0.1mg
Vitamin B6 0.1mg
Protein 3gm
Calories 61
Fat 0

It’s a way better option if you are checking your calories when compared to a cup of coffee or caffeinated drinks.

3.Detoxifies Your Body And Prevents UTI

Urinary tract infection or UTI is particularly common in females.

Around 50-60% of women experience UTI at least once in their lifetime.

If you are one among these women, then lemon water is what you need.

Lemon is a natural diuretic, that means it helps in the formation of urine and cleanses or detoxifies your system.

It prevents the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract by frequently flushing down urine through the system.

Additionally, according to a recent study, the citric acid in lemon even prevents the deposition of calcium in your kidney, thereby preventing kidney stone!

4. Rich Source Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins which is not produced by our body, and hence it’s necessary to include it in our diet.

Now, vitamin C has some great benefits.

Starting off with the fact that it’s a great antioxidant which prevents cell damage by free radicals, and helps in preventing cancer.

It also stimulates the production of white blood cells in your body, which are basically our body’s defense cells. Sp, it decreases the incidences of infections.

It is also proven to have anti-viral effects, hence protects you from cold and also reduces the duration of the cold.

It’s also been linked to reducing strokes and heart diseases and decreases your blood pressure.

Vitamin C also prevents stress-related damage to your body! And when you live in a stressful world, a natural anti-stress medication is something that you need!

These are just a handful of benefits of vitamin C!

5. Improves Digestion And Aids Bowel Movement

Lemon taken in the morning helps to flush out all the toxins from body and helps with the bowel movement.

Lemon water acts as a natural laxative and improves digestion.

If you have a problem with constipation, drink lukewarm lemon water, which will help you soften your poo and provide a smooth exit.

Lemon water has a similar atomic structure as our digestive juices.

This way it tricks our liver to produce bile, which then helps in a better digestion.

Better digestion means more absorption of nutrients and less bloating.

Well, don’t know about others, but it definitely has been my favorite natural remedy for indigestion and heartburns for a couple of years now.

6. It helps you lose weight

Lemon has two major components that help in weight loss.

First, the polyphenol antioxidants, which help in decreasing the weight gained due to high-fat diet as per a study published in Medical Journal.

The second component of lemon that helps in weight loss is a fiber called pectin.

Now, fibers as we all know are digested very slowly.

This means that it stays in our stomach for a longer time and makes us feel fuller for a longer time.

In other words, it gives you a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time, which prevents you from munching on snacks.

But hey, how can we forget about the water? Water is your weight loss buddy as well!

Drinking more water increases your metabolic rate, and thus helps you with the weight loss.

Metabolic rate basically means how fast your body is burning calories. High metabolic rate means that your body is burning your calories at a faster rate, and vice-versa.

According to a German study, drinking 17 ounces of water increases your metabolic rate by 30%!

Oh, and did I mention lemon water has literally 0 fat?

So, if you’re doing exercises regularly, controlling your diet, but not drinking lemon water every day, I would say you could do better!

7. Good For Diabeties

Good news for the diabetics out there, polyphenol antioxidants are also proven to reduce insulin resistance in the body.

Although more research is required, it has been proposed that polyphenols decreases the absorption of glucose from the gut and increases insulin secretion from the pancreas.

The acid in lemon also causes slower digestion of food, which gives you a more controlled rise in sugar level in your blood.

So, drinking lemon water could be a way of helping your diabetes through your diet.

8. Great For Brain Health

Lemon water provides your brain two very important factors for proper brain function, i.e. hydration and potassium!

You know how important is hydration for your brain. A dehydrated brain can never function properly.

Potassium, which is also a natural mood enhancer is essential for our brain as well.

Potassium is required along with sodium for conduction of electrical activities in the brain. It also helps in transport of nutrients and waste to and from the brain.

In short, it provides your brain a better environment to work.

8. Good For Your Knees:

Do you have painful knees? If yes then lemon water will put your knee pain to rest.

Lemon juice stimulates calcium carbonate, which is known to cut down uric acid, deposition of which in joints causes Gout, a common cause of painful joints.

If you want to avoid those painful knee pain episodes, lemon water is what you need.

9. Keeps You Younger Looking!

This is again attributed to vitamin C, which has an anti-aging effect.

In a study conducted by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, it was seen that those who consumed more vitamin C had lesser wrinkles and dry skin, the two major signs of aging.

Vitamin C also promotes collagen formation which is mainly responsible for giving your skin a smoother look.

Besides this, water keeps your skin hydrated. More hydration means fewer wrinkles, which in turn means lesser signs of aging.

10. Great For Your Oral Health:

Last but not the least, lemon is great for neutralizing the bad mouth odor.

Water keeps your mouth hydrated and lemon increases the saliva production.

Both of these factors inhibit odor-producing bacteria growth in your mouth.

It has also been found that lemon water helps with gingivitis and toothaches!

With all these benefits there is no reason why you should not consider having lemon in your breakfast routine.

Just in case you are wondering, how to go about preparing the perfect drink to start your day, we have a recipe for you!

The Prefect Way to Start your Day!

All you need is half a lemon and a glass of water at room temperature. Squeeze the lemon in water, and voila your perfect drink is ready. As simple as that.

If you are more than 150 lbs, take a full lemon instead of half.

It’s best if you drink it empty stomach to get maximum absorption.

Now, it’s important that the water should be at room temperature. Or you could make it lukewarm, to aid with the weight loss.

Its not recommended to use water that is TOO Hot or Cold, as hot water can destroy some of the good nutrients while Cold water can slow down your digestion instead of stimulating it.

You can also add honey and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to increase the goodness and health benefits.

Lemon can also be added to your Green tea for added benefits.

Isn’t lemon a wonder fruit? Just the scent of lemon is proven to reduce stress levels and enhance mood.

Well, now you know why your grandma insisted you to have lemon water in the morning.

Tell us what difference it made in your day in comments.

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